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Welcome to what I hope will be a world of fun
and useful information for ALL aquarium enthusiasts!

 This site was started back in 1999 on a free hosting site with the intent to help those who know little about the hobby of fish keeping. With the local fish store going the way of the dinosaur sometimes there is very little help available to those who need it most.

In the early days of this site I can remember the excitement when the counter would climb by 5 or 10 hits a week, And seeing the site pop up in search engines by doing real specific searches would bring a smile.

In 2002 it was decided the time was right to go "big time" and aquire the domain name that matched the website name and move to a real hosting company. This meant that "A World of Fish" was now free of pop up ads and the site could now try many things it could not do in the past. This allowed A World of Fish to have endless possibilities for growth.

As more search engines picked it up, basic searches on those search engines would now find the site. In 2006 and over a hundred thousand hits later I am now giving a new boost of enegry to the site. I am adding more topics and more importantly adding more depth to the topics and articles already here.

There seems to be so many ideas for future growth and they are comming faster than they can get added to the site. What all this means is that you will have to stop by often to see what the future holds for A World of Fish. I have fish related topics planned that are unseen on any other aquatic site.

Hopefully all the information on this site will give you a baseline to build on so you can enjoy your hobby and not be discouraged. If you are a experienced fishkeeper I hope this site will help you learn somthing new.

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